Nutritional Therapy/Colon Hydrotherapy

Natural Healthcare

'Helping you feel better'
A to Z Health is a Natural Health Practice specializing in Nutritional Health, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage. A to Z Health integrates the best in natural and complementary health, combining Massage Therapy, Colonic Hydrotherapy and Nutritional Health.

A-z health was established 10 years ago by Claire Harris. Claire practices alongside the supportive team at The Southsea Chiropractic Clinic, 86 Marmion Rd, Southsea Portsmouth.

A to Z Health provides consultations, treatments and resources for a range of Digestive and Nutritional Health matters, alongside Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage for wide ranging muscular problems. There is a great need for support in these areas of health and a growing demand for natural medicine approaches and A to Z Health aims to provide you with the best understanding, support and treatments in these areas. Claire is passionate about her work and regularly treats clients with IBS, Abdominal bloating and discomfort, Constipation, Back pain, Neck and Shoulder tensions. A-Z Health it is always about taking care of the whole person for overall wellbeing and preventative health.

Main Treatments

Nutritional Health
Includes individual Consultation and Counseling.

Colon Hydrotherapy
Colonic Irrigation and Digestive Health Advice.

Massage Therapy
Includes Remedial and Relaxation Treatments.

Thermal Therapeutics
Includes Infrared Sauna for muscular relief and detoxifying. The Infrared treatment follows on from deep tissue massage and medicinal oil therapy and ranges from a one to two and a half hours in duration.

Additional Complementary Therapies

  • The Arvigo Technique  
For further information on Nutritional Healthcare at The Southsea Chiropractic Clinic, Portsmouth, please go to or call the clinic on 02392 863099